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Our Lingua Franca project is your guide to the world of international communication and intercultural dialogue!

For whom is the course?

✔ We offer to study Russian as a foreign language for native speakers of English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and French.

✔ Native speakers of Russian can learn English, Spanish, German, French, Arabic and Chinese!

✔ The languages are taught for those having A0 level.

❓Why should you choose us?

✅ Our team consists of young specialists, experts in teaching and international relations. Teachers will become your mentors and friends!

✅ This is a unique opportunity to learn Russian as a foreign language in the student’s native language.

✅ Almost immediately after the start of the course, you will have the opportunity to communicate with native speakers.

✅ On our platform you will find friends from all over the world!

🔻Learning structure:

📌 Format – Online

📌 Group or individual classes

📌Course duration: 60 or 120 hours. Classes 2-3 times a week for 2 astronomical hours.

📌 We will provide you with all the materials for the classes.

📌 At the end of the course, you will learn to write and speak at a basic level.

❗Our course “Russian as a foreign language” will start very soon. If Russian is your native language, you can sign up for a course of another language. Don’t miss the opportunity to sign up, the number of places is limited!

Follow the link to find out all the details http://linguafrancayaic.tilda.ws

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